Shandong Ming Wei Package Machinery Co., Ltd. (China)

Shandong Ming Wei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the spirit of taking the initiative in problem solving by going to the distance. With emphasis on product quality, we are determined to popularize our products to potential customers in the Chinese world. Through the team force of strategic alliance as well as the benefit of sharing resources, we are able to respond quickly and to provide well-rounded service to guarantee satisfaction. We pledge to run business with honesty and responsibility while all the time seeking chances for reaching out through different angles, better product innovation, greater benefit, broader marketing, and smoother flow of sharing market information.

From all over the world, we brought in advanced peripheral facilities in manufacturing corrugated cardboard. For example, we have horizontal hydraulic bailing press machines to bind and pack scrap paper (of different sizes). We also have advanced U.S. Langston shredder machines (not seen anywhere else in other parts of China). Our logistic ground conveyor system is also the first pick for any modern business operation (industrial, commercial, handling and storage); it is also indispensable for any automatic cardboard production line. We also possess the most advanced stitching technology from France--SODEME; with its capability of concurrent double stitching, it runs as fast as 1400 stitches/min; from Taiwan Ming Wei Company, we have also installed automatic printer slotter machines with different sizes (600x1800mm and 800x1200mm) to produce high quality products for global sale.

We maintain the high technology from Taiwan Ming Wei in corrugating cardboard production line besides excelling in marketing carton box producing equipment. Through strategic alliance, we are also able to include other peripheral equipment into our business items. Thus, with superior product quality, fool-proof structure design, and full scale after-sale service on top of sincerity, we ready to cooperate with and meet the need of our potential customers. We desire perfection as we are always trying to seek improvement. Our final goal is to become the most challenging enterprise and the biggest factory of peripheral fittings in China. ((see new factory progress))