A Challenging Journey to Find a New Path in the New Century Though already 31 years old, Ming Wei is still as energetic as a calf. I believe that the key of business operation lies in obtaining resources, use them and distribute them. I am also aware of the existence of an opponent in the future set of chess game. Predictably, the competition in the future will only become more complicated and intense, as is so well said: “So charming is the land to fight for, ushering in so many heroes; yet only a few could reach the goal.” As can be observed, in the past so many “Multi-National Corporations,” as it were, are at most cooperation that has connections outside Taiwan. In the future, however, Ming Wei will begin to learn to properly use global resources so as to become competitive on a global level. Hence, the “Strategy Alliance” that I come up with is an attempt for perpendicular, multifarious, and virtual integration to help us find the force for global manufacturing, global marketing, and fast global customer service.

In the era of post-globalization, the limitations in capital and different national regulations do not stand in favor of merging; it is, however, an era ready for the birth of strategic alliance, through which the cost of international investment can be cut down; it is only through strategic alliance can rid the bondages of any international enterprises: capital, propriety, over-reliance on local bureaucracy, constant urge to enroll the elite. As it stands to reason, no matter how fast and efficient an international enterprise may be, it will never beat a big local enterprise, unless more management fee is increased. So here is a breach where virtual integration can be wedged in. This will be one of our most important items on the list--to seek partners from different fields and work together.

I am convinced of what Charles Dickens said in A Tale of Two Cities;, something to the effect that this is the best time as well as the worst; we might have everything in the days to come, or none. I think we are fully ready for what comes ahead. In this new year, we want to work with our partners to create another peak of growth because we believe that business opportunities come from only the partnership of global elite and chances of a breakthrough lie in integrating resources domestic as well as foreign.