Our company Ming Wei Paperware Machinery Co. Ltd. is located in Taiwan since 1986, we are professional in packaging industries especially corrugated machinery manufacture/sales/design/after service, Taiwan is our headquarters, responsible manufacturing and international business, our major market were Europe, Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia, up to now, we sold to more than 80 counties in the world, comes up with very famous and nice reputation, we have about 500 people working in our group, in Taiwan sites, we have around 70 people working here, 

Most of business products (like foods, drinks , electrical/ electronic production, gifts , auto parts ...etc.) they need corrugated cartons for their outside packaging , so you can image this industries is very large, estimated there are more than 1,000,000 corrugated carton supplier in world, and increase their capacity about 5-8% every year. 

We are professional for corrugated machinery manufacturing, to produce corrugated paperboard/sheet and cartons, we are machinery supplier, and we already setup our service/sales office in Pune city Maharashtra, India, we welcome you to join our team, special for sales engineers, we will offer professional training,

Our branch and manufacturing sites were in China  Dongguan (Dongguan Ming Wei), and Shandong (Shandong Ming Wei), they'd also manufacture corrugated machineries and responsible in China local market sales, 

Taiwan headquarters also offers machinery made in China under Taiwan Ming Wei technology transfer and supervise manufacture machines for customers option, since we know some of customers might like to purchase good quality equipment but they have limited budget, so our china branch manufacture corrugated machinery will be their first choice, we already have customer in Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bhopal,...etc.

and others service office in Bangkok Thailand and Dubai U.A.E., We cooperate with European, USA, Japan suppliers and organized a Max Group since 2005 for strategic alliance instead of competition each others, please visit our website for more detail.

welcome you to join our team for your visions, we are looking for sales engineers with positive and patient for handle our business.