Shizouka Koki (Japan)

Shizouka Koki is a very famous professional manufacturer for made Auto Splicer and Servo Type Auto Down Stacker in Japan, their products with high speed, high accuracy, and very well performance and got customers very appreciated, the mechanical design is very stable and electrcial system is very intelligent and realiable,

Facing the 21st century from the 20th century, the times always changing into their new media.

In these international times, we are making every effort to meet our customers’ need from the abundant information.

And also these internationalizations and diversification movements lead not only to the reaction of companies but also to the high morale of the members in the company, making their life all the richer.

The diversified way of life causes their needs to be many kinds and little quantity, which is a must for them, which we have to seek the technique to cope with the current times.

With our precision machine applied to the latest electronics and highly controlled by high-technology we promise you to try our best to challenge our future possibility to take much more reliance form customers as the top maker in the world.

We have been developing the system to meet our customers’ needs with a higher level since our company was established in 1963. Consequently, nowadays we are extending our dealings to the world as well as home.

We have been appreciated highly by both of them.

Using hardware, needless to say, and software with our total system always meeting the demands of the times, we will realize the labor saving and rationalization highly and effectively.

Through the past 20 years records, the most favorable cause by our customers is our technique ability we have been providing them with a higher reliance system adjusting the characteristic products.