Ishikura System Co., Ltd (Japan)

Ishikura System Co.,Ltd. is famous for its “Full Automatic Feeder” and” Auto Baling Press”. The Full Automatic Feeder is able to reach 350 pieces / 400 pieces per mimute. The machine has only four units, Feeder Unit, Hopper Unit, Life Unit and Sheet-Sustain Unit ; each unit has its own special function. It also has a data link between Printing unit (FFG) and prefeeder. Its automatic feeding system which helps the prefeeder run with maximum speed of printing unit.

● Feeder unit can count the number of sheets by itself.

● Hopper unit can automatically stack up sheets without any manual aide.

● Lift unit can save operation time significantly and alarm gives warning and show it on touch panel when sheets go through in error.

● Sheet-Sustain Unit can guard sheets from scratch.